The “Outward bound” day

2018-07-11 13:56:53

30th of June, a perfect awesome sunny day when the HYB ( The leading manufacturer for copier toner ) employees were organized to have the “Outward bound” training. It is an occasion when all employees regardless of positions, genders, ages and there is only one ultimate goal for them – to win and to experience.


The 80 participators have been devided into 6 teams and by different programs to define the ranking of the 6 teams.


The team members have to select their team leaders (who must not be in position of managers) who will organize brain storming, strategy setting and make sure of the implementation of the plan. The programs offer opportunities for participators to plan in a short time and determine to take plan into actions. HYB (Copier toner manufacturer) staff played together, cook together, and most importantly the team suffered the punishment of bad decisions together.

When all the participators climbed over the 4-meter high wall, the training has come to a perfect ending because all of the HYB employees believe the impossible to be possible and believe that their Teamwork can help each other to reach the success they are longing for.


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