The first " Approaching " of HYB to Mexican Market

2017-08-07 17:30:33

The Cancun show was held in Boulevard Kukulcán KM. 9 1er Piso, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Mexico.


It was the first time for HYB team members to attend the Expo. We had no idea if a photo copier supplies, parts manufacturer can get their market share in Latin American market. 

Booth Set up! 

Incredibly we have lots of visitors and we were surprised about the demand of a good manufacturer for copier products in this place is that huge. We have been told by some local importers about their bad experience of getting some very poor quality Chinese products for the 2nd shipment and they had a very good quality 1st shipment and price was really low enough. When they realized they were cheated , they did lose their faith to import from China and decided to buy from North America. Until they saw a manufacturer like us, who is very open honest with them and being able to answer professional FQA and Un-FQA. 





The president of HYB, Mr. Vincent Chen was invited to speak for his opinions on the trend of Photo Copier products and how HYB will serve our distributors to be more competitive with copier products. We have our Spanish speech at the same time so that local customers can get into a deeper understanding about HYB. 

We look forward to seeing our Latino amigos next year. 




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