The inkjet printer does not recognize the cause and solution of the cartridge

2017-07-21 10:32:29

Inkjet printer to use a long time, there will be a printer cartridge can not identify the problem, there is such a situation do not panic, mainly due to the following two reasons:
1, the printer waste ink tank full
Each inkjet printer has a fixed accessory life setting, when some accessories to reach the service life, the printer will be prompted to print. As the continuous use of the ink system is likely to cause waste ink, it is easy to lead to waste ink tank full. This can be done in two ways: use the clear software to print the motherboard to clear the reset, in order to eliminate the printer settings; or you can go to the maintenance point to replace the sponge in the waste ink warehouse. It is advisable for the user to use the latter, since simply clearing the stack easily leads to waste ink to burn the printer.
2, bad ink cartridge identification chip or printer can not identify the chip
This situation does not have much to do with the system and printer driver settings. If you use a compatible ink cartridge or chip decoder to decode the original ink cartridges, because some compatible supplies manufacturers produced by the chip quality is not stable or decoding prone to error, so often lead to the printer can not identify the cartridge. If you are using the original ink cartridges, please check the ink cartridge and printer contact points between the existence of oxidation or contamination of impurities such as ink, with alcohol after cleaning can generally return to normal. If the printer is used for a long time, there may be contact point breakage, loss of elasticity and other issues, encounter this situation, can only move the printer to replace the electric shock terminal parts.

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