What value do you get when you buy compatible toner?

2017-08-18 15:39:12

Warren Buffet once said’Price is what you pay and value is what you get

What value do you get when you buy compatible toner?

1. First of all, it has to be Machines frienly When you use a high quality compatible toner like HYB's , you are certainly getting a cartridge filled with the toner with finest particle size and good distribution. The reason is that HYB has been the largest importer in Asia for copier bulk toner with quality Japanese manufacturers for monochrome and color bulk toner. HYB filled the toner with definite fine particle size and it will perform just like Genuine products. 

The high quality toner HYB supplied may not show their advantages from a few thousand of copies. But when your customers called you for technical service because the poor quality toner decreased the life time of the Drum, Developer of their machines then you will recognize the differences. 

2. The toner you install into the machine must reach a quality standard to users who get used to the Genuine products. 


Only when you have your products have gone through the life time testings and comparison the performance with the O.E.M, you will know if your toner has achieved the requirement of the dealers. You will only get an approved toner from HYB because HYB has their laboratory where most of the business equipments in the market are there.  



Will you spend 5% less than HYB to buy an "Acceptable" Quality products or spend 30-40% cheaper than the Genuine products to buy Genuine toner replacement filled with toner manufacture by top quality suppliers in Japan? Which products have a better value? 

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