ZEUS PLUS TYPE 6210D/6110D for use in Ricoh Aficio-1060/1070/1075/2051/2060/2075/MP5500/6500/7500/6000/7001

2016-10-25 17:32:56

With the bigger demand from the market for ZEUS Toner  TYPE 6210D/6110D, the HYB R&D have been working on a better performance of this toner and finally. HYB released ZEUS PLUS  TYPE 6210D/6110D for use in Ricoh Aficio-1060/1070/1075/2051/2060/2075/MP5500/6500/7500/6000/7001. With the new PLUS toner, all the customers will have 4000copies extra compared with the previous ZEUS toner with only 5% of extra cost. 

The ZEUS PLUS toner have been filled with TOMOEGAWA new formula and it has a better transfering rate from the toner into copies. This will significantly increase our customers' satisfaction and decrease of cost of changing compatible toner. The quality of our toner will also impact most of the users and differ it from most of the other compatible toner they have been using. 

The first LOT of ZEUS PLUS toner will be distributed only by our authorised distributors in Colombia, Brazil, Jordan, Turkey and USA. 

Thank you for the attention! 

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