color laser toner katun 

2018-02-03 10:27:17

color laser toner
color laser toner
color laser toner   katun 
color laser toner katun 

color laser toner Manufacturer's introduction Eight main points of purchasing printing supplies
Matters needing attention 1: Prior Zhuge
Buy a printer and supplies must be done before the preparatory work, from the price to function must grasp. You can go to the scene to ask the price, you can also call the consultation, or more convenient is to go shopping guide professional web site queries, such as the YORK network supplies database and calculator can accurately query the consumables calculation and price. Do not be self-righteous when buying consumables, we must find the best price and then shot!
Note two: the best suitable
Buy print office equipment do not think of only the most expensive to buy, because the expensive products for two reasons, new; multi-functional; such products may be because it is new or full-featured and expensive. But to know the most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable for you. Buy products depends on their function you can not spend, if not, this product is not suitable for you.
Note three: avoid small greedy
Connaught large mall there are many different price products, from mainstream to parallel imports; from parallel to fake, refurbished goods, many products make consumers know what to do, this time Xiaobian remind you, do not seek cheap, only to buy the most Cheap, only focus on low prices and ignore the quality of the product itself. Think about buying low-cost products, if there is a problem with the quality of the need to return repair, a waste of time and money, without saving money but beyond the value of goods before.
Note four: refuse foo
If the purchase of office equipment such as printers before you already have the products you want to buy, and have done enough preparatory work, then make a prompt decision, do not listen to the store salesman "flicker", and some may recommend other sales If you accept it, you will find that there is a lot of conflict with the intent you bought before you take it home.
Note five: wary of parallel imports
The reason for buying "parallel imports" is nothing more than two: one is something new and there is no mainstream in the country; Think of office supplies such things often used, if after the purchase but also for its quality too much to worry about, it is not worth the waste of time not to say, but also a waste of money.
Note six: attention to service
Buying printers and other office equipment will certainly encounter problems, this time you need after-sales service, if the after-sales service is not good, I believe you will certainly worry about the future products, so, do not forget to buy things to remember with the business The whole service clearly, or out of the question, loss of only their own, pay attention to service is also very important. Buying things is to buy a psychological comfort, practical.
Note seven: a clear purpose
If it is home, buy printers and other office equipment when you can consider the use of the product, as well as the appearance and size, etc., if it is commercial, then more is to consider the functional aspects and speed, etc., so the time of purchase must be clear The purpose of the purchase.
Note eight: emphasis on supplies
Now, there will always be bought from the machine can not afford the status of supplies, so in the purchase of office equipment such as printers must also pay attention to its supplies, or buy a few supplies of money and can buy a machine, This is not worth the loss of what you do.
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