color laser toner toner cartridge

2018-02-06 08:59:32

color laser toner
color laser toner
toner cartridge
toner cartridge
color laser toner   toner cartridge
color laser toner toner cartridge

color laser toner Suppliers analyze the reasons for black printing in laser printers
First, the photosensitive drum
Scraper pressure is too large, the friction surface caused by a long time generally scratched photosensitive surface;
Improper installation of the drum, scratches the drum with other parts.
Second, the cleaning section
Scraper blade edge powder too much, poor cleaning effect; blade defects.
There is a black belt at one end of the paper, which usually corresponds to the charging section or the cleaning section of the terminal.
Third, the development of some
Magnetic roller stained with a strip of toner condensate;
Developing roller uneven distribution of toner, the strip distribution, scraper debris or paper debris.
Fourth, the fixing part
Jammed paper or solidified toner clogs the entrance of the fuser, and the printed and fuser entrances that have not yet been fixed after transfer have been worn out. Black bars and image damage appear and can be wiped with alcohol.
Poor heating of the heating roller surface, stained with toner, resulting in black bars.
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