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toner kyocera toner 

2018-04-07 08:59:41
integral toner
integral toner
kyocera toner 
kyocera toner 
integral toner  kyocera toner 
integral toner kyocera toner 

The integral toner manufacturer tells you how to distinguish between good and bad color toner
The excellent quality color toner has good flowability, high negative rate, low melting point, convenient storage, prevention of powder leakage during transportation, firm fixing of printing, high color reproduction, blackness of more than 1.4, printing capacity, etc. quite. In order to let everyone buy reliable color toner, share with you how to distinguish the quality of color toner.
Identifying the color toner is generally distinguished from gloss, odor and fluidity. First, the surface of the printed graphic is touched to feel the roughness, and the degree of fixation is good and bad. Generally speaking, the poorly-printed toner will have a rough printed surface, and then shake the toner in the bottle by hand. A good color toner is generally very fluid. You can use 20g toner on white paper. On the back and forth shaking, you can observe the flow of good or bad. The quality of liquidity will affect the blackness of the powder, bottom ash, transfer rate. Finally, the smell of toner, the standard toner should be odorless or slightly aromatic, and the poor quality will have a big smell, making it unbearable.
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